NOVA-ONE® Liquid Whole Blood HbA1c Diabetes Control and Linearity


Part Number

Lot Number

NOD13111-100 & NOD 13122-100


NOD HBL-G04041-100


NOD13111-100 & NOD13122-100


NOD13111-100 & NOD13122-100



NOD HbA1c Controls for PTS A1CNow+® and Siemens DCA 2000 “Vantage”®! TOSOH – PRIMUS ULTRA – Bio-Rad Analyzers


  • NOD Controls give lowest “cost of ownership” for any HbA1c control
  • NOD HbA1c Liquid Controls do not need diluent or any reconstitution
  • Each kit includes Disposable Pipettes
  • Longer 6 month open vial stability when refrigerated
  • Best value choice for POL or POC Labs

Our choice of kit volumes allows you to match your lab’s HbA1c testing volume to the most cost-effective HbA1c control product.

All three new kit versions use disposable pipettes that allow customers to do away with reconstitution. Refrigerated “open vial” stability has been increased to 6 months; and long-term storage temperature to the expiration date is now specified at -15°C to -25°C which eliminates almost all long-term storage issues for POL or POC customer sites.

Two control kit configuration choices
6 month supply NOD P/N NOD13111-100 2 vial kit – 2 mL
12 month supply 4 vial kit – 4 mL

P/N NOD13111-100
2 vial Control Kit

L1+ L2 X 1ml: Liquid Refrigerated 6 month Open Vial Stability supply for PTS A1CNow+® and Siemens DCA 2000 “Vantage”®. Also central Lab immunoassay & HPLC analyzers.

P/N NOD13122-100
4 vial Control Kit

2L1+ 2L2 X 1ml: Liquid Refrigerated 6 month Open Vial Stability; and a 12 month supply for PTS A1CNow+® and Siemens DCA 2000 “Vantage”®. Also central Lab immunoassay & HPLC analyzers.

Customer sites with no freezer capacity can order the two vial NOD13111-100 which will give them half a year’s control coverage.

Customers who do have freezers which can comply with this more common -15C temperature can order a year’s worth with only one shipping charge, by ordering the four vial NOD13122-100 and keeping two vials in the freezer while they use the other two vials stored in the refrigerator for the first six months. This new four mL (4) vial kit gives your lab 33% more HbA1c control than other 6 vial 3mL product alternatives.

P/N NODHbL-G04041-100
4 vial Liquid Linearity

L1+L2+L3+L4 X 1ml with a $295 List Price; 12 month supply for Siemens DCA 2000 “Vantage.” And also central Lab immunoassay & HPLC analyzers.


Your Point of Care Quality Coordinator’s best friend! NOD Liquid Linearity allows easy documentation of satellites recovery cross reference values to their central Lab’s results.


Liquid Human Glycosylated Hemoglobin HbA1c Controls have also been tested for use with:

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Roche Unimate® / Integra®
(all models)

Siemens DCA2000 “Vantage”®

Dade Dimension®

Bio-Rad Variant® I & II

Roche Tinaquant® / Hitachi (all models)

Beckman Coulter Synchron CX® /LX


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